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  1. 2013-08-17Carl Herold - Programming in C for Beginners
  2. 2013-08-17The C Programming Language, 4th Edition (EPUB)
  3. 2013-08-18The C# Quick Syntax Reference
  4. 2013-08-19English | AVC1 1280x720
  5. 2013-08-19An Introduction to Programming With C ,6th Edition
  6. 2013-08-19Michael Welschenbach - Cryptography in C and C
  7. 2013-08-23Peter Drayton, Ben Albahari - C# in a Nutshell
  8. 2013-08-26Michael Welschenbach - Cryptography in C and C
  9. 2013-08-31Trey Nash - Accelerated C# 2010
  10. 2013-08-31Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C 2008(pdf)
  11. 2013-09-03Boost.Asio C Network Programming
  12. 2013-09-03C Interactive Course: Fast Mastery of C
  13. 2013-09-05Illustrated C# 2012 (4th edition) - Daniel Solis
  14. 2013-09-05Beginning Visual C 2008 - Ivor Horton
  15. 2013-09-05Mastering Windows 8 C App Development By Pavel Yosifovich
  16. 2013-09-05C Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design by D. S. Malik
  17. 2013-09-08Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C 2008(pdf)
  18. 2013-09-09Daniel Solis, Illustrated C# 2012 (4th edition)
  19. 2013-09-10Pluralsight Modern C Libraries Kenny Kerr (2013)
  20. 2013-09-10C Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design by D. S. Malik
  21. 2013-09-10Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C#
  22. 2013-09-13Real-Time C - Efficient Object-Oriented and Template Microcontroller Programming
  23. 2013-09-13C Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
  24. 2013-09-14C Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
  25. 2013-09-19Beginning C# 2008 Databases: From Novice to Professional
  26. 2013-09-19Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C - Learning to Fly the PIC 24, 2nd edition
  27. 2013-09-20Visual C .NET Developer's Guide
  28. 2013-09-21Head First C#, 3 edition
  29. 2013-09-21Programming in C# Jump Start
  30. 2013-09-23Test Your C Skills
  31. 2013-09-27Moving from C to C : Discussing programming problems, why they exist and how C solves them
  32. 2013-09-27Pro Objective-C
  33. 2013-09-30Intro and Intermediate C with Alvin Sylvain
  34. 2013-09-30Practical Statecharts in C/C : Quantum Programming for Embedded System
  35. 2013-10-05Julien Bayle, "C Programming for Arduino"
  36. 2013-10-07Mastering Windows 8 C App Development
  37. 2013-10-08Mastering Windows 8 C App Development
  38. 2013-10-08Objective-C for iPhone Developers, A Beginner's Guide By James Brannan
  39. 2013-10-11C Game Programming Vids
  40. 2013-10-11C : A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition
  41. 2013-10-11Lyn Robison - Sams Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual C 6 in 21 Days
  42. 2013-10-11Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis With C
  43. 2013-10-12John R. Hubbard, "Structures de données en C "
  44. 2013-10-14Pluralsight - Developing for Leap Motion in C#
  45. 2013-10-15Mikael Olsson, "C Quick Syntax Reference"
  46. 2013-10-16Cryptography In C & C Second Edition
  47. 2013-10-16Beginning Android C Game Development
  48. 2013-10-161001 Visual C Programming Tips
  49. 2013-10-16VTC - Android Development Using C# and Visual Studio 2012 | 1 GB
  50. 2013-10-17VTC - C Programming (2007)
  51. 2013-10-26​C by Dissection: The Essentials of C Programming
  52. 2013-10-26C AMP: Accelerated Massive Parallelism with Microsoft Visual C
  53. 2013-10-28Living With Hepatitis C For Dummies
  54. 2013-11-01Compilers and Compilers Generators: an introduction with C
  55. 2013-11-04Ira Pohl - C by Dissection: The Essentials of C Programming
  56. 2013-11-09Visual C Optimization with Assembly Code [Repost]
  57. 2013-11-12C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 4th edition
  58. 2013-11-14Infiniteskills - Learning To Program With C#
  59. 2013-11-27Bjarne Stroustrup, "A Tour of C "
  60. 2013-12-08Introduction to Computational Modeling Using C and Open-Source Tools By Jose M. Garrido
  61. 2013-12-08C# 5.0 All-in-One For Dummies
  62. 2013-12-08PIC Projects and Applications using C: A Project-based Approach, 3rd edition
  63. 2013-12-11A Tour of C (repost )
  64. 2013-12-12C Standard Template Library
  65. 2013-12-14C# in Depth, 3rd Edition
  66. 2013-12-15Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition
  67. 2013-12-17Mastering Windows 2000 Programming With Visual C
  68. 2013-12-19Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by Step 2013
  69. 2014-01-01A Short Course in Computational Science and Engineering: C , Java and Octave Numerical Programming with Free Software Tools
  70. 2014-01-09C# Design Patterns: A Tutorial
  71. 2014-01-15The C Programming Language, Fourth Edition
  72. 2014-01-15C Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design
  73. 2014-01-16C Programming for Beginners: iOS Development Starts Here
  74. 2014-01-16Tutsplus - Learning C# 201
  75. 2014-01-16Objective-C Essential Training with Simon Allardice
  76. 2014-01-16C# 5.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 5.0 Programmers (complete edition)
  77. 2014-01-16C Pocket Reference
  78. 2014-01-16C : Programmieren mit einfachen Beispielen (easy)
  79. 2014-01-16The C Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference
  80. 2014-01-16The C Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference (2nd Edition)
  81. 2014-01-16John Rast Hubbard - Programming with C (2nd edition)
  82. 2014-01-16Le langage C : C ANSI
  83. 2014-01-16C Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures
  84. 2014-01-16Pluralsight - C 11 Language Features
  85. 2014-01-16Modern C Programming with Test-Driven Development: Code Better, Sleep Better
  86. 2014-01-16A Tour of C
  87. 2014-01-16Educator - Intro and Intermediate C with Alvin Sylvain
  88. 2014-01-16Ebooks C#.C .Java And a hole lot more (987 Ebooks)
  89. 2014-01-16Pluralsight - C Language Changes in the VS 2013 Preview
  90. 2014-01-16C Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design
  91. 2014-01-16Mindsy - C Programming : iOS Development Starts Here
  92. 2014-01-16Visual C Windows Shell Programming
  93. 2014-01-16C Plus Data Structures, Third Edition
  94. 2014-01-16API Design for C by Martin Reddy
  95. 2014-01-16C Programming for Arduino
  96. 2014-03-07Pluralsight - What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for C Developers (2013) [ 74 WMV]
  97. 2014-03-09C# Fundamentals with C# 5.0 Training Video
  98. 2014-03-09Pluralsight - Whats New in Visual Studio 2013 for C Developers
  99. 2014-03-15Pluralsight - C# Fundamentals with C# 5.0 by Scott Allen
  100. 2014-03-17C Programs to Accompany Programming Logic and Design


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